Saturday, October 3, 2015

Safe Places

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From the five action steps, these two were the two that stood out to me because in a way is screaming no one talks about LGBT until something tragic happens.

Action Steps

  • Do the schools in your community include LGBT topics in their curricula? Participate in school committees where you can ensure that LGBT-inclusive curriculum is discussed.
  • Do you know of teachers who have been discouraged from or reprimanded for using LGBT-friendly resources? If so, consider writing a letter to the principal or superintendent.

These two action steps stood out to me because never once in my years of school I heard about someone meaning teachers, counselors, nor principle trying to make a difference to help and have a great view on LGBT because everyone is equal regarding what their preferences are.  Also in these two action steps, I remember when I was in middle school and someone came in for a Halloween costumes that the student made herself which was to be a lesbian super hero and was sent home because she came to school dress as a superhero that she customize herself.

It wasn’t until high school that I saw such a huge difference. My high school was a school where you can come to school expressing yourself (of course no inappropriate things, like drugs, sex etc.) but if you wanted to come to school in a Halloween costumes in the middle of spring that was fine. My high school was very supportive in anything that you felt should change in the environment in our school.

Is sad to say that society doesn’t show little kids from the start about how someone CAN HAVE two moms or two dads or even one mom and dad, gender shouldn’t change anything meaning no one should hold something back because of whatever believes they have in general. To me everyone is equal and it sucks that we live in such a society that judges everything and everyone 24/7/


  1. I agree with your concluding point, it is a real shame that children are not taught the idea of gaylesbian parents at a younger age. I also agree with the idea that gender shouldn't hold anyone back in this world we live in.

  2. Great post! I love the personal connection you made and the links you shared!

  3. I love the personal connections! And I agree, in the home is the most important safe space to create. Without that foundation they will not feel safe anywhere.

  4. really liked the personal connection made and also the picture found it very powerful in the way that explains how we are all human no matter is we're straight or gay.