Thursday, October 22, 2015

Separate and Unequal

First of I want to say before connecting all three, that the Separate and Unequal really open my eyes. It open my eyes in a way that I never thought about our generation now, being in a school because we can't afford the tuition being separated because of someone's income. I saw it as in I guess you pay what you get and make the best of what you have. Reading this article really made me know now that even to this day we are separated because again of income, because certain families cant afford a fancy private school that gives us "better education" although I feel like all education is the same just in a different environment 
Listening to the two stories, I heard two different themes, one saying that integration works but schools are scared to even talk about it. I heard in part one that being in poverty and having your kids go to school is really a mission every morning. Black and Latinos lives in poverty that has really "bad schools", bad schools that tend to try to catch up to the "good school"; test scores, academic, education wise. While the "good schools" have the best teachers and material wise. they talked about a scoring " 10 out of 140" They mention to look at that as in ACT scores, someone once said you get points to just write your name, in this case you get points for even just existing in such a school, in mine and probably many others will say, "That sucks and is really sad to even think and or say such a thing." 
In part two, I heard the story of a school where no whites ever went to, but one day students came from a different school to check it out, and this girl came over and started talking to them, DIFFERENT IS CHANGE. instead of wondering why they are there in such a negative way, she had lunch with them and started talking to them and till this day they're still friends. She mentioned when you get a feel of a different person your environment changes/ makes you. of course you become aware of everything because of such a change like how she said they wait for her and hold the door for her even if she is 20 feet away, everything changes and is accounted on you to make the best of it. 
I believe that these 3 things all connect because even though they have different stories to them, is all about education, race and making a difference in poverty or not. A change makes you a better and stronger person. it does hurt that sometimes life hits you hard and you have to be in a environment that you don’t truly ask for, but the way I see it is that you make that your strong point and move from that and it becomes your go to, your go to be and improve your life style to move from poverty.


  1. I think that the picture you put goes really well with what you are saying. I totally agree with what you said.

  2. I really liked what you wrote. It is very interesting.

  3. Hi Daisy, I agree with you that the 3 stories are connected together because the discuss the same issue about segregation in schools.

  4. I agree with everything you're saying the things that you are saying in your blog is basically the same connections and points that I was making!