Saturday, December 5, 2015

promising practices

My first workshop was about having health class in schools. The workshop was about how many teachers in Rhode island is comfortable about teaching health to students. it also was about how many teachers think that health shouldn't be taught until the student reach a mature stage. Now when i say health, i mean having the conversation of the birds and the bees. Now what this professor did was have all teachers in Rhode Island take a survey, of course not all teachers took the survey but the ones that did basically said health shouldn't be taught at all, very few said that it should.

My second workshop was about youth. i was sort of confuse because it wasn't like i learn much from it. It was run by student which was amazing, they had us do a activity of these pictures from the past to present of crouches and wheelchairs and we had to put them in order. It was interesting to see but at the same time when they went over it, they went over each picture one by one. (over 15 pictures). As the workshop went on, the youth was talking about how they do groups after school to make youth stay out of trouble and become leaders.

Friday, December 4, 2015