Friday, September 25, 2015

Rodriguez's Reading

I believe what Richard Rodriguez is trying to get through is that when you come to America with English being your second language comes with  cons. Everything that comes with being new to America when you are from another country is difficult at first when you first arrive and notice many different things like language, pronouncing things etc. I consider myself as English being my second language and I can agree with Rodriguez because I always half the time have trouble pronouncing words the right way.

As a individual having to have the opportunity to speak two different language is such a great honor because is not that it makes you unique but is like a tense of privacy of having conversations that many around you might not understand and you sort of feel the privacy and comfort to talk to someone knowing someone might not truly understand what you’re saying.

Growing up I was literally the only Spanish student in the classroom, I remember sitting in first grade pronouncing words that was not quite right and everyone sitting in class would just stare. I would go home and make myself go through a list of words and practice them because I didn’t want anyone staring at me the way they did that way.  Walking into school not knowing if someone new would show up as a new student would speak Spanish, a simple language turns into fear when you don’t have many classmates having the opportunity to speak another language. When you’re a American, you lose so many culture facts that you have to try extra hard to remember how things really play out in your culture because you’re so caught up in trying to “fit in” that you lose the touch of being a individual.  

Sunday, September 20, 2015

McIntosh's Reading

As I was reading White Privilege , the only thing that was coming to mind was last week's reading, Land Of limitation By Kristof and what we went over in class, SCWAAMP. As I read these words "Whether I use checks, credit cards or cash, I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of financial reliability."
I thought about Kristof's reading because he talked about opportunities and it comes from us as individual to make those opportunities to happen. Kristof talks about making things happen and not feeling so low about ourselves and trying to make things happen to move forward.

I also thought about SCWAAMP because as we went over in class is about the skin color. Being able to do and get away with things as we follow the codes of "rule". Also having the opportunity and privilege to accomplish so much and being able to have support and being acknowledge on things that happen around us and or when we shine more.

In my opinion, it sucks how everyone is so judgmental on everything that everyone does. Is a very historic thing only because racism comes from such a huge background that no one really let anything go which is very hard and understanding but at the same time nothing should be base on skin color.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kristof's Blog

“The chance of a person who was born to a family in the bottom 10 percent of the income distribution rising to the top 10 percent as an adult is about the same as the chance that a dad who is 5 feet 6 inches tall having a son who grows up to be over 6 feet 1 inch tall,” Krueger observed in a speech. “It happens, but not often.”
When I had read that the first thing that came to mind was is true about the chance of a father having a soon who is taller then him. "which often barely happens." Is something you don't really think about until is said, to me this sentence means that not everyone has the privilege to be brought up in a family that is wealthy and taken care of.

I hear from people who say something like: I grew up poor, but I worked hard and I made it. If other people tried, they could, too.
Something I feel about this sentence is that not everyone has the opportunity to accomplish their goals plus more. they way I look at it is that is true, you can accomplish so much more and work as hard to accomplish your dreams and be somebody but not everyone has that mind set, and if they do, they began to feel like they cant complete that goal because either one, someone is bringing them down and see other wise and two, they begin to have such a high standard of themselves and they begin to doubt themselves because they don't see the deadline being met.

So let’s just drop the social Darwinism. Success is not a sign of virtue. It’s mostly a sign that your grandparents did well.
Something that I can't help but to agree is seeing certain generation being brought up and parents not showing them how hard life can be. while I watch movies and see how the rich family get brought up by parents and grandparents v.s. the family that works a 9-5 just to survive in a world, I get to compare the "struggle" of someone's life just by watching and seeing how life can be so cruel.

Life has so much opportunities but is up to us as our own person to accomplish that  one thing, is time to began to take part of something to make a change and not just depend and rely while we don't get experience and not work hard for what we want.

Friday, September 11, 2015

About me

My name is Daisy. I am from California but I came to Rhode Island when I was 5. This past summer I worked fulltime with a private agency which I am still currently working at. I work for Perspective Corporation, Perspective Corporation is a company that trains others to work with adults and children with disabilities. When I am not in class, I am either at home doing homework or I am working. I love sitting back and watching football, now that is football season again. other then that, I just love to relax, be by the water and enjoy my time with family when I am not working or doing homework.