Thursday, October 22, 2015

Separate and Unequal

First of I want to say before connecting all three, that the Separate and Unequal really open my eyes. It open my eyes in a way that I never thought about our generation now, being in a school because we can't afford the tuition being separated because of someone's income. I saw it as in I guess you pay what you get and make the best of what you have. Reading this article really made me know now that even to this day we are separated because again of income, because certain families cant afford a fancy private school that gives us "better education" although I feel like all education is the same just in a different environment 
Listening to the two stories, I heard two different themes, one saying that integration works but schools are scared to even talk about it. I heard in part one that being in poverty and having your kids go to school is really a mission every morning. Black and Latinos lives in poverty that has really "bad schools", bad schools that tend to try to catch up to the "good school"; test scores, academic, education wise. While the "good schools" have the best teachers and material wise. they talked about a scoring " 10 out of 140" They mention to look at that as in ACT scores, someone once said you get points to just write your name, in this case you get points for even just existing in such a school, in mine and probably many others will say, "That sucks and is really sad to even think and or say such a thing." 
In part two, I heard the story of a school where no whites ever went to, but one day students came from a different school to check it out, and this girl came over and started talking to them, DIFFERENT IS CHANGE. instead of wondering why they are there in such a negative way, she had lunch with them and started talking to them and till this day they're still friends. She mentioned when you get a feel of a different person your environment changes/ makes you. of course you become aware of everything because of such a change like how she said they wait for her and hold the door for her even if she is 20 feet away, everything changes and is accounted on you to make the best of it. 
I believe that these 3 things all connect because even though they have different stories to them, is all about education, race and making a difference in poverty or not. A change makes you a better and stronger person. it does hurt that sometimes life hits you hard and you have to be in a environment that you don’t truly ask for, but the way I see it is that you make that your strong point and move from that and it becomes your go to, your go to be and improve your life style to move from poverty.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Extended comments:
Response to Sydnei

"Serve learning makes students active participants in service projects that aim to respond to the needs of the community while furthering the academic goals of students."   

This quote explains how service learning is important because it helps students and teachers with having an extra hand in the classroom or just helping the community in general with whatever service learning they decide to go into. It also helps the actual student doing the service learning better themselves. It gives the student a better understanding of the things that they will experience when they actually go out into the field. This also helps the student because it helps them really decide if this is the path that they want to go down. 

      I agree with what you had to say about the quote. I believe that having the opportunity to go out and help the teachers with an extra hand including helping students with extra support is such a great thing because not only you better yourself in what way of teaching you want to do, but you get to see what you can improve on.   

 "By finding and engaging in community service activities, Mr. Johnson explained, students would interact with those less fortunate than themselves and would experience the excitement and joy of learning while using the community as a classroom."   

When this teacher explained that the students were going to help people that were less fortunate than they were, he explained that they are going to feel happy about doing this. By having the chance to use the "community as a classroom" just gives students a chance to explore their options and see how many opportunities are truly out there in the community. 

      Having someone by your side to just see what you're learning is such a great feeling. I remember being in first grade and having a "buddy" from a upper classman to come in and we got to show off what we was learning and got extra help from them if we needed. having someone to support you and be there every step of the way makes any one happy.    

"By engaging in meaningful service - whether tutoring children for whom English is a second language, helping patients in a hospital, doing difficult chores for the elderly, or supervising younger children's recreational activities - students will have opportunities to experience what David Hornbeck, former Maryland state superintendent, referred to as 'the joy of reaching out to others.'"

   This quote is meaningful because it shows that there is joy when you each out to helps others. From something as little to helping a student solve a math problem to helping elderly people move from a chair to a bed any of those things can be so rewarding. When you find something that you love doing it just starts to naturally come to you and you feel that joy throughout the entire time you're engaged with it. 
         I feel like this is a great explanation for the quote. I work with kids who have autism and seeing them laugh and giggle after a long day of lessons brings a smile on my face because I can see the frustration they have. it is such a rewarding feeling because you are making such a difference in their lives by being there and helping them with every step that you can. 

Being able to have the opportunity and going out into these classrooms for our service learning is such a great experience because we learn so much with just being there and helping our groups out. I had a internship before in high school for 4 years at a kindergarten classroom and every year that I was there, I learned different ways within myself to teach in the classroom, different ways to praise and motivate them as I get to know how they learn.  

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Let’s start off with I never liked dolls in the first place but as I grew older I always wondered why dolls were never any other race but white. This probably hit me when I was a teenager; I started to question and did more research on it.  I started to see my cousins play with dolls and never once growing to actually realize that none of the dolls I played with and the dolls that my cousins would start to play with looked like us. all dolls I seen was white, straight hair, very slim and tall never Caramel skin, curly hair, somewhat weight etc. doll. Being in middle school and the topic being brought up to everyone and being asked “why do you think dolls don’t look like others, others as in a different race?” someone answer, “Because that is the ideal image.” When everyone agreed to that there was a dead silence in the room. It was honestly sad in a way to think about how society is, how we grow up watching shoes where it is already stereotype for us to “learn” how every race “lives” to standard.

Is a feeling of frustration because in my view, no one is perfect. No one is perfect because there is always judgment, judgment of how someone looks, dress and or expresses themselves.  This goes back to society because we grow up with that, trying to be up to date on style and having the latest things. As a girl I always seen and notice that, just how we saw that video in class where the experiment of having a child pick the nice doll between the white and black doll. We grow up with that, we learn that and we carry that on ourselves. “Trying to be perfect”

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Safe Places

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From the five action steps, these two were the two that stood out to me because in a way is screaming no one talks about LGBT until something tragic happens.

Action Steps

  • Do the schools in your community include LGBT topics in their curricula? Participate in school committees where you can ensure that LGBT-inclusive curriculum is discussed.
  • Do you know of teachers who have been discouraged from or reprimanded for using LGBT-friendly resources? If so, consider writing a letter to the principal or superintendent.

These two action steps stood out to me because never once in my years of school I heard about someone meaning teachers, counselors, nor principle trying to make a difference to help and have a great view on LGBT because everyone is equal regarding what their preferences are.  Also in these two action steps, I remember when I was in middle school and someone came in for a Halloween costumes that the student made herself which was to be a lesbian super hero and was sent home because she came to school dress as a superhero that she customize herself.

It wasn’t until high school that I saw such a huge difference. My high school was a school where you can come to school expressing yourself (of course no inappropriate things, like drugs, sex etc.) but if you wanted to come to school in a Halloween costumes in the middle of spring that was fine. My high school was very supportive in anything that you felt should change in the environment in our school.

Is sad to say that society doesn’t show little kids from the start about how someone CAN HAVE two moms or two dads or even one mom and dad, gender shouldn’t change anything meaning no one should hold something back because of whatever believes they have in general. To me everyone is equal and it sucks that we live in such a society that judges everything and everyone 24/7/