Sunday, November 29, 2015

I never thought of education being a part of political, not equal yes, but never political. Is crazy to even have that in mind because it is already horrible how education in classrooms are not equal based on income and the neighborhood you are in.

My blog post is based off Mary Abby. The points that she picked out and talked about really stuck and made it clear in what was being said in the article.
 "funding is another political dimension of education, because more money has always been invested in the education of upper-class children and elite collegians than has been spent on students from lower-income homes and in community colleges." As what we always talked about in class discussion how education is never equal because of how funding and donations happens in upper income education schools vs how none of that happens in lower income neighborhood schools.  Not equal because both status of schools don't have the same equipment, books, computer help like many other schools do.

Having those words being shown in the article that School is Political is all about the system.. the system in how cruel education is to kids based on whatever the issue can be. cruel in every type of way you can think of. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Now we know that people with disabilities can learn and have a full, rich life. The challenges is to erase negative attitudes about people with developmental disabilities, get rid of the stereotypes and break the barriers for people with disabilities. (kingsley, 1996, p.6)"

Reading this really hit home, it hit home because going to school and being in middle school with students who had disabilities everyone in a way looked down on them, and when they would walk in the hallway sometimes people will just stare. & not even in school, but in public places, restaurant, store, etc. I always saw the looks on people faces, it wasn't the look of confusion, angry it was more of a look that was more to feel sorry for. I never really had knowledge on how smart students with disabilities are. It wasn't until I started working with children who has disabilities. Working with them really was a eye opener because you hear other talk down on them but truly is not until you work with them, have a friendship with them or some kind of bond  that you start to notice other things that are not so stereotypical. anyone who has disabilities are smart and is capable of so much and more when given the chance. 
The reason why I wanted to talk about the quote i picked was because it to me i saw it clear. It starts with you, it starts with yourself to become a better person and not have such a negative view on ANYONE. To start a change you have to change yourself on how some points of view is. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finn's Blog

I felt more connected to the text in the middle of the preface. i felt connected in the part where Finn mention how as a teacher there was a for sure accommodation of having the students have a not so challenge work so that the students who had more of a problem completing the work that they felt accomplished with also having "extra credit" for those who did finish early to do more in class work to give those who ended extra time their time. To me i felt more connected in that way because as i use to intern for four years with kindergartens i saw the frustration in these kids eyes when they couldn't spell or read a word right. i remember trying many different things to motivate the group i was working with to not have them give up.
I would always go back to school trying to come up with reading games (bingo, word search etc.) to have the kids do and have some what fun with the words they had to learn. and it wasn't any words that you can sound out, it was sight words which are words that you have to mesmerize in order to know them, there wasn't a easy way out of it basically.What I got out of this text is that students no matter where you teach or go to observed, there will always be students who have a struggle in learning and you might have to stay there and explain a couple of times in different ways how to do a certain problem or how to under a paragraph. literacy with attitude or not, there are always struggles and is up to the teacher and student to come up with different ways to have resources to meet the goal to meet the standards that you have for yourself and for the students to have for themselves, Never give up as a student and never give up as a teacher

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Service Learning Project Week

Collier - Honoring students first language skills, helping one another in classroom; students and teacher wise. Students help one another with directions and work and the teacher explains directions and other things in English and Spanish multiple times.

August - Safe places, talking about bullying, what is bullying and what is happens when you bully someone.

Delpit - Rules and codes of power; repeating the rules in the classroom; the teacher saying how she is the boss in the classroom and no one else. tying back to bullying when students don't listen to each other and or the teacher.  ( ties back to August - safe places)