Sunday, November 29, 2015

I never thought of education being a part of political, not equal yes, but never political. Is crazy to even have that in mind because it is already horrible how education in classrooms are not equal based on income and the neighborhood you are in.

My blog post is based off Mary Abby. The points that she picked out and talked about really stuck and made it clear in what was being said in the article.
 "funding is another political dimension of education, because more money has always been invested in the education of upper-class children and elite collegians than has been spent on students from lower-income homes and in community colleges." As what we always talked about in class discussion how education is never equal because of how funding and donations happens in upper income education schools vs how none of that happens in lower income neighborhood schools.  Not equal because both status of schools don't have the same equipment, books, computer help like many other schools do.

Having those words being shown in the article that School is Political is all about the system.. the system in how cruel education is to kids based on whatever the issue can be. cruel in every type of way you can think of. 

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  1. your picture is very powerful. it really adds to the overall message of the reading